Fluorescent Lights


My name is Justin.


Secretary (2002), dir. Steven Shainberg

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sirensonboard said: I miss you :( and yes we’ll find a way. I’m excited to be in the big city. And I’m excited you’ll be in my favorite American city! I’m in love with Philly. You seeing Hollis?

Miss you too baby-doll. :(

I’ve never been before, anything I should check out? Any tasty restaurants? And yeah, I’ll be staying with him while I’m there.

Have fun in NYC though, never been but it’s supposed to be awesome.

sirensonboard said: Dude holy shit I’ll be in New York City come visit me.

Damn that’s awesome. I looked into bus tickets to Alabama when I was looking for Philly but it would’ve been very complicated and like 3 days of bus riding, haha. I don’t think I’d be able to make it to NYC though, only requested so many days off from work and practically broke from this trip. :(

We are gonna hang out soon (sometime this year) though.

sirensonboard said: Why don’t you hang with her?!

I’ll be in Philly this weekend. :/

sirensonboard said: WHAT THE FUCK DUDE

I know, it’s fucking killing me.


The Courier visits Novac

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